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A Simple Free Service For Packages

Unless you're an e-bay seller chances are you've never heard of PayPal's 'ShipNow' service. Ship Now lets you create, purchase, and print U.S. Postal Service shipping labels from your PayPal account. You can use First Class Parcel, Priority, Express, Media or Parcel Post (you can also ship using UPS but we advise against it).

The great advantage of Paypal's Ship Now service over the competition is that there is no monthly maintenance charge or hidden fees. And unlike the USPS 'Click n Ship' you're not stuck with just Express and Priority mail service.

The downside is you can only send packages and you are limited to Express and Priority mail service for international shipments. You also don't get all the bells and whistles of the big three service providers.

Normally to access Ship Now you need a completed e-bay auction. Clicking on the 'Print Shipping Label' button on the Account Overview or History page brings you to the Ship Now screen. But what if there is no e-bay auction? You just want to send a package to your uncle in Omaha? To get around this problem log on to your PayPal account as normal and then click on this link: Pay Pal - Ship Now. This will take you to the Ship Now home page:

You have two options. 'USPS' or 'UPS'. Select only 'USPS' as the carrier and then click continue. This will take you to the main Ship Now screen:

Fill in the requested shipping details. When finished you are ready to print your label.

The labels print on standard 8.5 X 11 inch paper using your existing inkjet or laser printer. The actual shipping label is 6X4 inches, so be sure your package is big enough to accept this. To make life easy we recommend you use self-adhesive labels which you can find at most office supply stores.

You can print a dummy sample label first to check that your printer is working correctly. PayPal also lets you void a label within 48 hours if you need to.

Unlike regular postage stamps ShipNow postage labels are only valid for the specified addressee and have a mail deadline. So be sure to mail your package by the specified ship date. You can specify a ship date up to three days in advance at the time you create your label.

Pay Pal Ship Now

  • Prints labels on plain paper using any Windows compatible printer
  • Supports Priority Mail, Express Mail, Media Mail, First Class Parcel, Parcel Post, Express and Priority International
  • Delivery & Signature Confirmation
  • e-mail notification
  • Shipping insurance
  • Void shipping label and get refund for labels canceled within 48 hours
  • Automatic Postal rate updates
  • Free with no monthly fees or surcharges

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